Ordination And Certification For Christian Chaplains & Ministers needing To Be legally Ordained As Clergy

Matthew 25:21: “His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.”

When you begin the work as an ordained chaplain and minister you can be confident that God, who has begin a good work in you, will complete it. Please never let anyone tell you that you are not good enough or deserve to be ordained into our Lord's ministry, God does the calling and the ordaining, no man or woman has the right to tell you any different. We all need Jesus as our Lord and Savior in our everyday lives. He is the One who can lift us above the degrading forces of evil in our world, that tries to tell us we are not good enough. It is Jesus who holds all things together, including our lives. Become a member and receive your God given right to ordination and license as a member of the clergy. Take a leap of faith, and watch your whole world, and the way you see thing, literally transform before your very eyes.

Become a wedding officiate and perform weddings for all those who do not have a church to marry them. Chaplains perform marriage ceremonies worldwide at the location of the wedding party's choice. Wedding officiates perform weddings in parks, at lakes, in the couples homes, in churches, chapels and gardens.

Some of our members have great nursing home ministries. Nursing home care is a growing and thriving industry. In this setting, the need for an ordained chaplain and minister is a natural. The nursing home administration, employees, residents, and Residents' families at a nursing home daily experience frustrations, grief and pain. Volunteer ordained chaplains and ministers will help meet these needs. A bridge between the local church and the senior adult care facility can be established through a nursing home chaplain and minister. The elderly are often left to the care of strangers. A nursing home ordained chaplain and minister can build bridges of friendship from resident to staff to family to community, in a setting of sterile walls and steel beds, an chaplain can bring hope, care and love. Jesus said, "What you have done unto the least of these, you have done unto me." If you are interested in starting a nursing home ministry check out the following for more information.

Many times those who have been incarcerated are people who are often misunderstood and forgotten by society. Ordained chaplains address specific areas of inmate stress, such as low self-esteem, guild, and unrealistic expectations of prison life, and help explain how these can be major obstacles to a prisoner's personal and spiritual development. Ordained ministers and chaplains who work with inmates understand that there are many inmates who truly do want to change. The presence of an ordained chaplain many times will be their strongest form of encouragement and support.

An fire department chaplain's role is not to evangelize, proselytize, or moralize, but rather to represent God in a way that is inclusive, respectful and sensitive to all faith traditions, regardless of church, religion, or philosophy. The fire department chaplain operates on the belief that all people are spiritual beings (while everyone may not be connected to an organized religion or church). Fire department chaplains respond to the different emotional or spiritual needs of firefighters and their families when ever they arise. The ordained fire department chaplain is the one person in the department that everyone knows any conversations with them will be held in complete confidentiality.

Community street chaplains know that they will have to deal with the issue of homelessness from a political stand point and from within the church. People have many different opinions regarding the homeless, but the large majority of these people have not had any type of personal interaction with homeless people who are living on their street. Ordained chaplains also work with the youth within their communities finding ways to keep them of the streets. chaplains work with families of domestic violence, or victims of abuse within their communities. They demonstrate the love of our Lord and Savior to the people living on our streets and the people within their communities who are needy by providing them with hot meals, clothing, blankets and sleeping bags.

Chaplains make sure that senior citizens have a way of getting their medication, many times they volunteer to pick up their medication and groceries for them. There is no end to what ordained chaplains and ministers can do in community street ministry. Chaplains who do volunteer work are an integral part of any ministry and one of our most valuable resources. We have had the privilege of working with some of the most amazing volunteer ordained chaplains and ministers whose dedication and commitment to the ministry is resulting in thousands of lives being changed by the grace of God for the better, worldwide. It does not take a large group of people to make a difference. There are so many programs and services which you can get involved in, whether you are one individual or a group of people. Do something to make a difference!

Hospice chaplaincy is many times an OJT type situation. There are many different types of chaplaincy and ways for ordained ministers and chaplains to serve in our Lord's ministry of presence. There are a lot of our ordained chaplains and ministers who are hospice chaplains. Hospice chaplains are ordained ministers and chaplains who work with hospice care organizations and hospitals, that specialize in providing long term spiritual care to geriatric patients and those suffering from terminal illness. These chaplains are often assisted by volunteers, visiting homes, hospital wards, skilled nursing facilities and retirement centers, depending on the needs of their patients. To the patient who may not see anyone unrelated to their medical condition (i.e, doctors and nurses), visits from hospice ordained ministers and chaplains, which frequently involve life review, counseling, prayer and companionship, can provide a welcome relief from routine and isolation. These visits are usually one-on-one, in person or on the phone, and generally occur weekly or more often. Because of the amount of individual contact, chaplains and patients often form lasting spiritual relationships. Hospice chaplains and their many of their associated volunteers, often work with a much smaller number of patients, are less constrained by the needs of caring for an entire congregation.

Law Enforcement chaplains work with sheriff department deputies, police officers, constables, marshals, rangers, and federal agents. Law Enforcement chaplains work with officers on patrol, and in custodial settings (juvenile facilities, county jails, and state and federal prisons), courts, detective divisions, supervisors. They also work with administrators and civilian members of law enforcement organizations such as, dispatchers, secretaries, crime analysts, property and evidence custodians, and jailers. Law Enforcement chaplains also work with family members, spouses, children, siblings, and parents.

Those who work in market place type chaplaincy or ministry must have what is required by those who employ them. For those who have been called into hospital chaplaincy, Law Enforcement Chaplancy and other specialized ministries, you do need training according to what type of ministry you are involved in. There are many ministry's and chaplaincy programs and they all have different requirements, in other words many need specialized training, and many don't, some need college degrees, most do not, most are volunteers. IT TAKES ALL OF US PERIOD! Just like it did in the days that Jesus walked the earth. The Lord has blessed this ministry with the ability to grant you what you need to start a ministry or church for the Glory Of His Kingdom. Now it is up to you!

We believe all Christians have been given spiritual gifts to fulfill their callings. Ministry ordination is a spiritual gift and calling directly from God, and is not to be taken lightly. God chooses to call who he will, or to use any instrument, to accomplish His will. Never let no man stop you from doing what you have been called to do. If you have done your best, God will do the rest!

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